Mug Garden - Charming Mugs with Growing Kit

SKU: NTD-GD75001

Item: NTD-GD75001/2

Mug Gardens are cute on the outside and clever on the inside. Inside they have all the workings of a hydroponic planter - an inner pot, wick, potting medium and seeds.  Inner pot's wick soaks up water from the mug to feed plant.  The inner pot also makes care and transplanting a breeze.  Artwork by Junzo Terada, gives the mugs a touch of nostalgia. Of course once the basil or mint is harvested or transplanted, the mug can be used to enjoy a coffee in the garden!

Available in 2 styles:

Cat (Mint)

Hedgehog (Basil)

Size: 3.125"D x 3.875"H




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